What people are saying about Matthew Hallisey Government Affairs...

“In 2015, the Chamber sought to fully exempt federally taxable military retirement pay from the state income tax. At the time, state law exempted 50% of retirement pay from the income tax. The tax was a hindrance to military veterans seeking to reintegrate into civilian life, a drain on capital and investment, and an impediment to veteran-owned businesses seeking to grow. However, it was a very challenging year for the state, with fiscal analysts projecting a substantial budget deficit, imposing an uphill challenge for any bill with a revenue loss. Matt helped develop a strategy for the Chamber and facilitated meetings and discussions with key officials and lawmakers. He participated personally in meetings with the Governor’s office, legislative leaders and key members of the legislature’s Finance Committee, and advocated vigorously for the Chamber. The state budget adopted on the last day of the session included the tax relief sought by the Chamber. It was a significant victory for veterans, veteran-owned businesses, taxpayers and the state.” – Michael J. Zacchea, Member, Board of Directors and chairman, legislative policy committee, Connecticut Veterans Chamber of Commerce.

“Matt identified a significant amendment on a discreet issue buried deep in a large, wide-ranging, technical bill that adversely affected our company and others in the industry. He drafted a proposed amendment that carved out the industry and developed a plan to oppose the provision. Matt worked collaboratively with other lobbyists against the bill.” - J. Martin A., general counsel for industry corporation.

“For many years, our organization had been frustrated by a lack of success in advocating for legislation that would help our members and others. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to get our message heard, in part because we were not represented by a lobbyist. Last year, we decided to engage the services of Matthew Hallisey Government Affairs. Mr. Hallisey personally guided us through a complex, challenging process with skill, patience and tenacity. He drafted the legislation and amendments, facilitated meetings with legislators, negotiated with opponents, and shepherded the bill through the legislature. Mr. Hallisey is honest and ethical; he vigorously advocated our organization’s position. Ultimately we prevailed and the bill, after many unsuccessful prior attempts, passed and became law. Without Mr. Hallisey’s advocacy, counsel and assistance, we would still be trying. We were so pleased with Mr. Hallisey’s work that our organization plans to retain his firm next session on a related matter.” – Karen C., LPC, JD, attorney, psychotherapist and coalition President.

“Matthew Hallisey Government Affairs came to our organization highly recommended by a lobbyist who was not able to meet our organization’s needs. Being relatively new to the process, our organization benefited from Matt’s experience, access and knowledge of the process. Matt is readily accessible day and night to answer questions about what is happening with legislation, provide an update and give advice and counsel. His demeanor, temperament and integrity inspire confidence. Matt has made many positive contributions to our organization’s mission and I would highly recommend him without hesitation.” – Kenneth Gurin, home care company owner and President, Home Care Association of America-Connecticut Chapter.

“As part of a coalition of business lawyers seeking a veto of legislation that would have imposed significant challenges for corporations in Connecticut, I contacted Matthew Hallisey Government Affairs. Matt provided advice and guidance on how to proceed and commented on letters and materials we submitted to the Governor. Matt also contacted officials in the Governor’s office on our behalf. Ultimately, with Matt’s guidance and contacts, we were successful in obtaining the Governor’s veto of the bill.” – Thomas K., attorney.

“Matt is a consummate professional with more than fifteen years of government relations and lobbying experience at the state Capitol. Well-respected by legislators and peers alike, Matt has the skills, knowledge and relationships that can help clients navigate the legislative and regulatory process and achieve their public policy objectives. As the founder and principal of Matthew Hallisey Government Affairs, Matt is uniquely positioned to provide the kind of personal service directly to clients, which they may not be able to get at other firms.” - Don P., government affairs professional and association executive.

“Matt made the connection to a Connecticut-based educational institution and facilitated a meeting with its leadership and our organization. Matt's networking skills led to a multi-year contract for our organization and an opportunity that benefited the educational institution. I appreciate Matt's practical guidance, thoughtful advice and insight into issues; he is very reliable and responsive, and I could depend on him to follow through on specific projects.” – William T. R., executive director of a multi-state non-profit educational organization.

“When my organization was seeking financial assistance from a state economic development agency, I reached out to Matthew Hallisey Government Affairs. Matthew provided sound advice on how to proceed before the agency and position our application for success. As part of a strategy he developed, Matthew contacted officials at the department on our behalf and provided good intelligence and feedback to help shape our interaction with the agency.” – Catherine S., executive director of educational support services organization.

“At the end of the 2013 legislative session, Matt identified an amendment in an implementer bill that would have expanded the state false claims act to construction contractors. If adopted, it would have been onerous and unfair to all contractors that do business with the state, including members of a construction contractors trade association that I operate, a client of Matthew Hallisey Government Affairs. Matt notified me and put into action a plan to oppose the provision, including forming a coalition of opponents. His work helped achieve a successful result: the provision was removed from the bill.” – Michael T., executive director, trade association management company.