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Matthew Hallisey Government Affairs
Experience with public policy issues and entities including:
  • Transportation, commercial and utility construction, and state contracting; construction safety training
  • occupational licensing
  • State Bond Commission
  • Clean Water Fund
  • utility energy infrastructure
  • law practice
  • State Ethics Code
  • regulatory agencies such as Consumer Protection, Energy and Environmental Protection, U.S. EPA and OSHA
  • Connecticut Congressional delegation, D.C. and district staff
Led efforts on legislation to successfully:
  • Support adoption of a formal lawyer assistance program
  • authorize an offer of compromise to settle claims during arbitration of a construction contract
  • oppose a state false claims act for construction contractors
  • oppose onerous enforcement authority and additional liability for utility contractors
  • support an exception to reverse auction bidding for construction management services
  • advocate for a veto of a bill that was not subject to a public hearing and adversely affected an industry client
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